Meet Our Management Team

The managerial team at Adorika stresses positive business flow and synergy between all departments. We stand by the word accountability, being responsible for the success of the many campaigns our teams are involved in. 


Shahar Chaham

Shahar Chaham is the founder and Chief Executive Officer at Adorika. He brings with him a track record of launching and developing many successful businesses and technologies.

Shahar has a comprehensive background in the advertising and marketing industry, consisting of over 15 years of experience. He uses his abilities and expertise to take Adorika to new heights in the advertising & marketing world.

Shahar is devoted to Adorika’s partners and committed personally to the company's success and growth.

Ohad Sherman

Ohad joined Adorika with more than 15 years of experience in the finance field, from which 9 years as a CFO. He is a C.P.A (Isr.) and holds a B.A degree in accounting and economics and a Masters of Business Administration degree, with a major in finance and banking. In his role as a CFO, Ohad is committed to fulfill Adorika's obligations to its partners and achieve company's strategic goals.

Johanna Azoulay
VP Media|

With 7 years of experience in the online advertising world, Johanna has successfully managed extensive advertising budgets and has consistently developed and expanded new markets. Her professionalism, combined with her management and deep analytical skills, enables her to bring outstanding results time after time. During her career, she has produced major strategic shifts in several companies that made her master the full scope of the online advertising industry.

Thanks to her Media expertise, Adorika succeeds in establishing long term partnerships with publishers and constantly acquires new traffic from across the world with maximum ROI.

Amir Havdala
Ad-Ops Director|

Amir Havdala is Adorika’s Ad-Ops Director with a B.A. degree in Economics and Management. Amir has a wide range of skills that allow him to improve campaign’s daily performance in the best way possible. With over 13 years of experience, he easily identifies opportunities for rapid revenue boost and provides professional input regarding the functioning of various media sources. Amir uses his expertise and quality management techniques to ensure seamless campaign execution and its flawless productivity. Amir’s proven record of performance reveals new possibilities for Adorika’s growth and solidifies its positive stature in the advertising market.

Lior Sherman
Creative Director|

Lior Sherman is Adorika's Creative Director. He enriches its creative workflows with new, original ideas and effectively manages Adorika's own in-house creative studio. Lior’s achievements in marketing and advertising enable him to always think outside-the-box and exceed clientele’s brand expectations. His devotion to the industry, coupled with over 13 years of experience, allows him to design assorted cross-platform creatives that generate powerful performance results. Lior’s daily successful accomplishments construct a strong and consistent brand identity for Adorika and drive the company towards excellence and innovative solutions.

Nitai Silberstein
HR Director|

Nitai is an HR Director with a strong record of consistently achieving targets.
He brings extensive experience in creation and successful implementation of HR methodologies and development strategies at the global level. Before he joined Adorika, Nitai worked as a consultant for Start-Ups and SMB companies, building their HR strategies by managing their entire recruiting process and working closely with executive management.

In his role Nitai is leading company's Human Resources rhythm and is responsible for the overall HR infrastructure and employee welfare.



Dan Frank
VP Sales |

Dan Frank is the VP of Sales at Adorika. Dan has broad-based knowledge of the advertising industry and over 4 years of professional experience. He is committed to expand Adorika’s market activity and enlarge the company’s client database. His analytical skills, distinctive supervisory capacity, and the ability to see the big picture allow him to negotiate win-win deals for all parties involved, deliver unparalleled and effective results and exceed company’s objectives. Dan’s expertise and continuous efforts prove themselves valuable, inducing Adorika’s exponential development and amplifying its power as the leading online advertising company.