Adorika’s Edge

We believe in going the extra mile to provide all the tools necessary for success. We strive to be a “one-stop shop” for all your advertising needs. We provide you with unique products, depending on your requirements and goals, to keep ahead of current industry trends. We offer unique ad serving capabilities and rich media, including banners and landing pages.

In-House Art Studio

We have a selected group of talented individuals with experience in design that makes up our in-house creative studio. They are on call to design custom made creatives according to your needs and market trends; in all languages and sizes to be sure your products stay relevant and have maximum exposure.

In-House Ad Server

We have developed an exclusive ad server, using state of the art technology and incorporating complex algorithms to ensure ad serving superiority.

Ad formats

We offer effective rich-media alternatives which generate high results for your campaigns:

Slider Ad:

Catfish Ad:

Moves along with the page as the user scrolls down the site and stops at the bottom right or left hand corner.

Sits at the bottom of the viewer’s screen, blending in smoothly with the site's design.


Layer Ad:

1,2,3 Box:

Loading over the webpage content, the layer ad is not seen as a pop-up and therefore not blocked by browsers.

A script that pops an overlay window after the user hovers over the Ad for 3 seconds.



Automatic Optimization

We have developed an automatic optimization tool which identifies strengths and weaknesses within a campaign. This tool has given our account managers the ability to keep their campaigns optimized to the highest level, while ensuring the media pinpoints the most suitable campaign.